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This year is regarded as a significant milestone for our company, since, after years of preparations and  hard work,  Yannis Chalkias is expanding and opens a modern car-shop and repair workshop in a privately-owned place of 3,100 sq.m.  in Argyroupoli. In this technologically advanced environment the customer can find 11 operating departments, which offer a full range of services and fulfill all of his vehicle needs and demands.


From this year and until today the company operates as an Industrial and Commercial S.A.


Yannis Chalkias transfers his activities to a new, privately-owned, establishment at 81 Alimoy Avenue  n Argyroupoli, having, at this point, a work surface of 620 square meters.


The company moves to P. Faliro in a rented establishment of 240 sq.m.


Y. Chalkias moves to P. Ralli avenue in a rented place of 130 sq.m and operates as a private company.


Y. Chalkias company is founded in Kallithea in a rented place of 65 sq.m.