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Our Philosophy

The philosophy of our company has two basic principles: Providing the best possible services with responsibility and politeness towards our customers, and the satisfaction of their expectations swiftly and effectively.

In our new facility store, which is equiped with state-of-the-art machinery and tools, our specialized and willing staff stands beside you, ready to solve any problem and reply to any question you have. Our  primary goal is the right and detailed maintenance/repair of your vehicle in the best possible way, in terms of effectiveness, as well as  cost.

Moreover, according to the international standards set by Honda and Mitsubishi-motors on staff training, we have developed a special- 90 sq. m.- room which operates as a training center for our personnel on new and evolving vehicle technologies. Consequently, our staff remains updated on latest advancements and is ready to deal with any need or problem your car may encounter.

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